Undergraduate Archives Research Publication

The North Central College Archives sponsors an annual competition to publish the best undergraduate research paper based in whole or in part on materials found in the NCC archives. Students can follow the submission guidelines to earn the chance to get a publication on their resumes.

Recent Undergraduate Archives Research Publications


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2019 Undergraduate Archives Research Publication

2019 Undergraduate Archives Research Publication

Jose Galvan Mora, "Stretched from End to End: Challenging Notions of Racial Integration in American Higher Education During the 1960's"

2018 Undergraduate Archives Research Publication

2018 Undergraduate Archives Research Publication

Matthew Norvell, "Culture and Curriculum: German Identity and the German Course at North-Western College"

2017 Undergraduate Archives Research Publication

2017 Undergraduate Archives Research Publication

Kevin Nalefski, "A Woman on a Mission: The Story of Susan Bauernfeind and Protestant Women in Missionary Work"

Earlier Undergraduate Archives Research Publications

2016, A Community Divided: North Central College During the Vietnam War by Adam Prestigiacomo

2013, Changing Functions: The Use of Old Main During the 1870s by Brian Failing

2012, Finding Faith in Education: The Birth of the Evangelical Theological Seminary by Patrina Corsino

2011, Rugby Fever: Football's Evolution from Rugby to Collegiate Obsession by Thomas Gibbs

2010, Sinful Strides: The Dancing Ban at North Central College as an Example of Tension Between Religion and War Culture by Brittany Goudie

2009, Inclusive Theatre: A History of North Central Theatre from 1955-2009 by Nicholas Guido

2008, A Changing College: The Impact of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad on North Central College by Luke Kerber

2007, The Temperance Movement in Naperville in the 19th Century by Megan Kelzer

2006, Football at Military Training Centers in World War II by Benjamin Hare

2003, North Central College and the Civil Rights Movement by Eleanor Barbino

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