General Reserves Policy

Materials placed on reserve are located at the Information Services Desk in Oesterle Library. These materials are for the use of North Central College students, faculty, and staff only. A valid North Central College ID is required to use reserve materials.

Due to limited resources and staffing, the library staff cannot photocopy items for reserve use.

A reserve form (available in person at the library, or online below) must be completed listing all titles and the number of copies of each to be placed on reserve for each course. Materials will be processed and on reserve within 3 working days.

For personal materials placed on reserve by Faculty, they will be returned via campus mail no later than two weeks after the end of the term. Faculty who wish to make other arrangements for the return of their personal materials may contact the Circulation and Reserves Assistant at 630-637-5711.

Policies of Reserve Books

Books on reserve may be:

  • Single or multiple copies from the library's permanent collection
  • Personal copies (placed at owner's risk; the library suggests that, for security purposes, permission be given to security tape items)

Books may be placed on reserve for more than one term.

Reprints and preprints are treated as books


Books that may not be placed on reserve:

  • Books obtained through interlibrary loan (prohibited by the Interlibrary Loan Code)
  • Books owned by another library

Policies of Reserve Photocopies (Copyright Revision Act of 1976)

Photocopies cannot be used as a substitute for purchase of anthologies, compilations, or collective works.

  • All photocopies placed on reserve must have printed or typed on the first page the title, volume, date, and pages of the journal from which it is copied.
  • Photocopies that may be placed on reserve:
    • One chapter from a book
    • One article from a periodical or newspaper (multiple articles from the same issue must have copyright approval before they can be placed on reserve)
    • One short essay or short poem per book or per periodical issue
    • One chart, graph, diagram, drawing, cartoon, or picture per book or per periodical issue
  • Photocopies that may NOT be placed on reserve:
    • Pages from copyrighted works intended to be "consumable" in the course of study or teaching, including workbooks, exercises, standardized tests, test booklets, and answer sheets
    • Photocopied anthologies or course packs will not be accepted for reserve unless full copyright clearance has been obtained for each excerpted item by the compiler of the anthology or pack
  • Number of copies of a single work that may be placed on reserve:
    • Limit of one copy of a work for which copyright permission has not been secured
    • Limit of three copies of a work for which copyright permission has been secured
  • Length of time on reserve:
    • Photocopies are limited to one course for a period of one term unless the faculty member secures written permission from the publisher
    • Copies of the permission must be presented to the library before the photocopies can be placed on reserve for subsequent terms
  • All photocopies must carry a notice that the material may be protected by copyright law. This stamp will be applied by the library.