Guide to Linking Articles

This page provides the necessary information to create direct links to full-text articles in any of the databases provided by Oesterle Library for patron use. This information may be used to create links in Blackboard, on personal Web pages, or in print documents. If you have any questions regarding these instructions, contact the Information Services Desk by email or at 630-637-5715.


Linking to an article in a database requires a Permalink. Simply saving the link in the address bar when you view the desired article will not work. Most databases have the Permalink prominently displayed on the Record page for the article in question. This link may be posted on Blackboard, included in emails, or bookmarked for future use.


Using OpenAthens for Off-Campus Access

All of the library's subscription resources are automatically accessible to any computer on campus. For off-campus use, a student or faculty member must be authenticated as a valid college user. Saving the correct Permalink from each database will include the necessary authentication stanza to take the user to a North Central login screen. 

This Permalink brings off-campus users to a login screen where they must enter either their North Central College network username and password. After logging in, the users will continue to the linked resource. On-campus users will go directly to the linked resource without being prompted to login.

This service is called OpenAthens. To learn more about OpenAthens and how to update out of date links to the new system, please visit this guide to OpenAthens.

If you experience any problems with this login screen, or if you are directed to a login screen for the database itself, please contact the Information Services Desk at 637-5715 for assistance.