Olympus Digital Voice Recorder
North Central College

The Olympus DS-330 is a light, compact digital voice recorder capable of recording up to 330 minutes of audio in up to five separate folders. The recorder uses a built-in microphone for portability, but also accepts an external microphone.

The DS-330 is both PC and Macintosh compatible.



Step 1

Turn on the voice recorder by sliding the "Hold" button toward the bottom of the recorder.

Step 2

If desired, connect an external microphone by plugging it into the "MIC" port on the top of the recorder.

Step 3

Select the microphone sensitivity by moving the sliding button to the desired setting.

CONF (Conference) will increase the sensitivity so audio from sources farther away will be recorded.

DICT (Dictation) will decrease the sensitivity so background audio will not be recorded as well.

Step 4 Select a folder to place your recorder audio. Press the "folder/menu" button on the side of the recorder.
Step 5 Press the red "REC" button to begin recording.  
Step 6 To stop recording, press the "stop" button located on the front of the recorder
Step A Select the folder in which your recording resides by pressing the "folder/menu" button 
Step B Press the "Play" button located on the front of the recorder to begin playback
Step C

You may search for a particular portion of the recording by pressing the "FF - REW" button on the side of the recorder.

To move forward in the recording, press the "+" or "FF"

To move backward in the recording, press the "-" or "REW"

Step D

Press the "STOP" button to stop playback

Step E To erase a recorded selection, press the "ERASE" button.
  Downloading Audio Clips  
  The Olympus software is availble in select computer labs. Please request a copy of the software when reserving the recorder.  
  Click here to learn how to download the audio clips  
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