Connecting a Laptop Computer to the Toshiba TLP 261Data Projector

1.  Connect the female end of the power cable to the "AC IN" plug on the data projector, and the other end to a standard electrical outlet.

2.  Connect the 15 pin computer cable to the  RGB OUT or Monitor Out port on the laptop computer.  Connect the other end of the computer cable to the COMPUTER IN port on the side of the data projector shown in the photo above.

3.  Turn on the laptop computer following the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

4.  Turn on the data projector using the oval shaped "on/standby" button seen in the photo above.


5.  The data projector has several input sources, one for video, one for analog RGB (computer), one for the internal camera and one for S-VHS video.  Press the input button on the remote control or on the data projector to cycle through the inputs. Press the button and wait about 5 seconds to allow the projector to recognize the new input. Continue to press the input button until "analog RGB" is displayed on the screen; this is the computer input. Wait a few more seconds for the computer image to appear. 

6.  If all of the above procedures are complete, and the image on the laptop monitor does not display on the data projector, try one of the following:

A. Consult the laptop instructions to learn how to toggle the computer image between the laptop monitor and the data projector (Usually a simple combination of key strokes such as holding down the function key and pressing F4).
B.Press the data projector "Menu" button two times. You will see an on screen menu. Press the arrow button on the projector until the menu cursor moves to the projector set up menu. Use the arrow down button to move to the "Input Source" settings. Under "computer" choose Analog RBG or Y/Pb/Pr whichever your computer requires.

7.  The data projector lens has two adjustment rings on it.  One is the zoom control (controls the size of the projected image), and the other is the focus control.

8.  When finished, press the "on/standby" button to turn off the lamp.  The data projector fan will continue to run until the lamp cools.  Please do not unplug the projector until the fan stops.

Revised 09-06
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