Slide Projector (Kodak 35mm)

Kodak 35 mm slide projectors are widely used in academia and the business world, in fact they are considered the industry standard.  Even in the multimedia classrooms of today, slides are often the format of choice.

We have several Kodak 35mm slide projectors to meet the needs of the North Central College community.

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How To Set Up The Slide Projector

1.  Unpack the slide projector, lens, carousel and remote control.

2.  Insert the lens into the lens opening on the front of the slide projector.  The flat portion of the lens housing should be positioned to meet the focus gear.  Turn the focus knob as you gently push the lens into the projector; the knob will grab the lens and pull it into the projector.

3.  Plug the remote control unit into the multi-prong outlet located on the control panel of the slide projector.

4.  Plug in the slide projector's power cord.

5.  Set the carousel on top of the slide projector making sure the "0" on the slide tray is aligned with the arrow on the slide projector.  This is the only way the carousel will set properly on the projector.

6.  Turn on the projector fan and lamp using the appropriate switches.

7.  Advance the slides forward until the first slide is projected onto the classroom screen.  You may use the remote control unit, or the onboard controls.

8.  Adjust the image to suit your needs.  Focus by turning the focus knob on the projector (some units allow focusing from the remote control unit).  Raise or lower the image by turning the adjustment feet at the front of the projector.  The image can be increased in size by rotating the lens housing (on some models) and by moving the projector further from the screen.

Using The Slide Projector

A.  To advance to the next slide, press the advance button on the remote control unit or the onboard controls.  To view the previous slide or view in reverse order, press the review button. on either set of controls.

B.  The select button allows the user to remove a single slide during a presentation.  This is useful when a slide is upside-down or reversed.  The locking ring must be removed from the carousel before using this feature.

C. When the slide presentation is complete, turn off the lamp, and let the fan run for a few minutes to cool the lamp.  To remove the carousel, simply hold down the select button and turn the entire carousel until slide number 0 is in the start position.

Need additional help with slide projectors, see the Slide Projector Troubleshooting Guide.

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