Instrutional Media Equipment Request

North Central College Instructional Media equipment may only be used for college related events.
This form must be used for all instructional media equipment requests.

Equipment must be reserved 24 hours in advance.

Requests cannot be processed between 4:00 pm on Friday and 7am on Monday. Equipment needed for weekends must be reserved prior to 4:00 on Friday.

Reserved equipment may be picked up from the library front desk any time the library is open.

Select the equipment you wish to borrow.

  Voice Recorder   Elmo Document Camera
  Data Projector   DVD Player
  Digital Still Camera   50 Inch Monitor/Television
  Nikon Digital SLR Camera (no video)   PA Sound System
  Flip Video Camera (USB connection to computer)   Zoom MP3 Recorder
  Zoom Video Camera   Overhead Transparency Projector


  Turning Point Clicker Set
  Tripod   Microphone
(list type of microphone needed in comment section)
  MED Class Equipment (list in "Additonal Equipment" section)

Please list additional equipment here:
Additional Equipment

Time and Time Needed

Date Needed

a.m. p.m.

Return Date /Time a.m. p.m.

Pick up at Oesterle Library or List location of event (check one below)
Please note: Data projectors, cameras, recorders, and other portable equipment must be picked up from the library. Instructional Media does not have adelivery staff.

Equipment must be picked up and returned to the Library Information Services Desk.

List building and room name if you plan to use equipment in an event space. For example, STEM 204, or Old Main Smith Hall

Pickup at Oesterle Library   Using Equipment installed in Room:

--or-- Use Equipment in library only


Phone Number Email Address

NCC Status Faculty Staff Student

Comments/ Special instructions:

By submitting this form, I agree to assume responsibility for this equipment from the time I pick it up,
until it is returned to the library Circulation Desk.

A $5 per day late fee will be charged to the borrower's account for each piece of equipment returned after the due date.

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Tom Gill