Olympus DS 330 Voice Recorder

Audio Downloading and Conversion
Quick Instructions


 Open “Olympus DS 330 Player 2002” from the Programs menu.



A view of the program




Connect the Olympus digital voice recorder to the computer using the USB cable packaged with the recorder. The LCD display on the DS 330 will read “Remote” when it is connected to the computer.


From the Download menu, select the items you wish to download.  You may download an individual folder, or select “download all” to transfer all of the audio files to the computer.






You should now see all of the DS 330 audio files on the computer screen.




To listen to the file, simply select it and press the play button with the single arrow icon.


You can search forward and back by pressing the double arrows.



Converting the audio file to a WAV file


The Olympus recorder uses it’s own type of file extension when it saves files.  If you wish to use the audio recording for other purposes such as burning to a CD or adding it to a presentation, it must be converted to a common file type such as WAV or MP3.


Select the file you wish to convert.


Choose “Convert to WAV File” from the File menu.



Select a folder to place the WAV file.


Click okay and the audio file will be saved.


You may use the WAV file as is to create an audio CD, or you may use the software of your choice to convert it to MP3.