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How to record cassette tapes or phonograph records to your computer using Audiograbber, a free software available at


Download Audiograbber and the Lame mp3 encoder.


Here's a screen shot of Audiograbber.  Note the MP3 box is checked - this is what you will use to record things from your line-in on your soundcard.



screen capture


Click on the MP3 box and you will get this window:


mp3 settings


Click on the checkbox for "external encoder" Once Lame is unzipped, you can browse for it by clicking on browse.

Also, make sure the settings are just as they are in this image: 

First, click the checkbox for "Use Encoder as internal encoder"

Second, once that is clicked, the option for "Direct rip and encode to mp3 file" will appear.  Check that box so the audio will go directly to mp3.


Click OK


Now you're ready to begin recording.


Connect your audio source (tape recorder, reel to reel player, 8 track) to the "line in" on your computer's sound card. If the audio source does not have a line level output (one that is not able to be adjusted by turning the volume up and down), use the headphone jack and turn the volume up about 1/3.  Try it and vary the volume if it is distorted.


Choose "line in sampling..." from the File menu.


line in sampling menu


You should see this screen:


line in sampling


Click on the "mixer" button to see your computer audio controls.  You'll need to adjust these so the signal is high, but not at 100% for more than a millisecond.  Otherwise it will distort the audio.


Auto split tracks senses silence and will automatically create a new track - great for recording music cassettes.


You'll see a bold arrow next to "track name", that tells you which track is recording.  You can type all of the song names in at once, or during recording or after.


Choose how you want the audio to make the transition to a new track.  If you want it to fade, select "fade," if you want it abrupt, choose - you guessed it, abrupt.


Start your audiotape and adjust the levels.  Rewind to the point you want to begin recording. 


Press the record button on audiograbber- it will start recording as soon as it "hears" audio, so no need to hurry or press two things at once.


It should save the mp3 files in the Audiograbber folder.  Find them using your cd burner and burn away!