If the book you're looking for isn't available at Oesterle Library or from any I-Share library, fill out the form in our interlibrary loan system, and we'll get the book from another library for you. Please allow up to two weeks for a request to be filled. When the book comes in, we'll send an email to your NCC email address to let you know.

Follow the steps outlined below to have a copy of an book sent to you from another library via interlibrary loan.

  • Step One: Doublecheck to make sure Oesterle Library and I-Share don't have the book

    Look up the book in CardinalCat and I-Share to make sure it is not available. (I-Share is a much faster and more efficient way to borrow books from other libraries, so please make sure you have checked I-Share before placing your request.) If you're unsure, please ask a librarian.

  • Step Two: Click the link below to be taken to Oesterle Library's Interlibrary Loan service.

    You will login using your North Central College username and password. If this is your first time logging in to the interlibrary loan system you will be asked to provide some basic information, including your 7-digit North Central College ID number, to complete your registration with the system.

  • Step Three: Complete a New Request form for a Book

    Use ONLY when a book isn't available at Oesterle Library or an I-Share library. To complete a request form click the appropriate form type under the New Request menu on the left of the screen and provide as much information as possible about the item you wish to request.

  • Request a book via interlibrary loan

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